Many Hands

Hlub Hmong Center Needs Your Help: 

Join the Many Hands Campaign to Celebrate Our Hmong Community of Merced

Khi Moua, 

Hlub Hmong Center (HHC) is a leading cross-generational, multi-gender, Hmong-led grassroots organization in Merced County. “Hlub” means “love” in Hmong: Hlub Hmong Center exists to love and ensure love for Hmong culture and people in their full diversity. We believe the survival of Hmong culture and history depends on preserving and nurturing love for the Hmong culture, language, and people

For this reason, HHC began a new public awareness campaign called “Many Hands” this summer. Many Hands is part of a larger national and state campaign to reduce racism and violence against Asian American communities that were exacerbated during the pandemic. In Merced, Many Hands focuses on our long-standing Hmong community. The campaign will support individuals and organizations throughout Merced County to celebrate, respect, and honor the Hmong culture and people. Many Hands is organizing Hmong and mainstream businesses, nonprofits, churches, schools, and individual residents to share stories that celebrate Hmong culture, show curiosity about Hmong people, and uplift the power of diversity for Merced County.

Hlub Hmong Center needs the help of our Merced community to make this happen. Are you Hmong and care about your community? Are you a Mercedian that wants to make your community a more compassionate and prosperous place for everyone who calls Merced “home”? Consider volunteering your skills and time to this cause! 

Here are some things we need:

  • People to collect and share stories aligned with our campaign
  • People to help coordinate and manage events
  • People with social media management experience to help establish and maintain our social media presence
  • People with graphic design experience to help create a logo
  • A web developer with experience working with nonprofits (and loves doing it!) to help create a webpage for us
  • People with fundraising experience to help leverage additional funds
  • Community advisors (Hmong and non-Hmong) to help guide our approach and gather community support
  • Businesses (Hmong and non-Hmong) to help promote our campaign by sponsoring an event, posting flyers and other promotional materials in their facilities

Contact our team to see how you can help make a difference!

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