Our Work

We are a grassroots and community-driven organization working to change the rules within institutions and Hmong ways to meet the Hmong needs. These are some of our activities and projects. 

Known as our Story Cloth for Systems Change. The Story Cloth method has two effects that facilitate systems change for Hmong health equity.

1) We engage public institution staff who serve the Hmong and Hmong community members in direct dialogue to understand each other’s culture, successes, challenges, and aspirations. This develops trust and respect between Hmong people and their public institutions which are essential to accessing and utilizing services and changing personal practices to prevent and control health risks. The Story Cloth method creates and nurtures safe, non-judgmental opportunities for communication between frontline staff who serve the Hmong and the Hmong who they serve.
2) We facilitate the exploration and discovery of “systems” and “culture” to see environmental and social conditions that may help or may interfere with Hmong health equity.

Workgroup Purpose: Hmong community members who work in our schools know how schools work and can see what matters for Hmong students to succeed. We must organize as community leaders who care about education so that our voice is stronger on behalf of all Hmong students. We want to get to know each other and begin to organize as Hmong in Merced who work in local schools and care for the education of all Hmong students.

JOIN US! We meet monthly, the first Thursdays of the month at 4:30pm PST. For meeting information send us an email at support@hlubhmongcenter.org

Checkout these videos created by our Hmong Education Partnership Workgroup

Hlub Hmong Center Friends

Merced Lao Family

Lee's Merced Community Market

37 East 15th Street
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The Orient Market

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